Meet the Animals!

Meet the Animals!

Our horses are:

Cody, an 13 year old Quarter Horse gelding owned by my son, Dalton. Dalton grew up riding the horses I had raised from babies and he wanted to raise his own. We got Cody from a rescue program in Canada.

Dalton was ten years old and had saved the $500 adoption fee by cleaning stalls for boarders and babysitting animals. Cody was 4 months old when we picked him up. Dalton did the majority of the work training Cody.

He did a great job and Cody is a beautiful horse with a great personality.



Roya is a 14 year old gray Arab mare. She is my personal horse I get to share with the kids. I didn't like her name until I found out it means "to dream" in Arabic.

I got her when she was four years old, with minimal training. It has been an adventure and a joy dealing with her outgoing personality  and that Arab energy.

I personally love the Arab enthusiasm and endurance.

Smokey is an 8 year old Quarter Horse gelding I bought in Red Bluff, California from a friend of mine.

He has been a good minded and very smooth to ride, great camp horse. He is a favorite for lessons.


Tara is a 12 year old Registered Quarter Horse mare. I bought her when she was three at an auction in Oregon.
I rode her the first year in the back of our string of trail horses. She is naturally calm and quite.
Andrea Jennings and Riley Veillon worked with her to perform as a trick and drill team horse.


Cherokee is a 25 year old Morgan gelding I bought from Alaska Equine Rescue. He had a rough start, living in a herd where some of the horses starved to death. He was very very serious

about food for a long time. He no longer worries about his next meal. The first picture is the photo I saw in the newspaper in an article telling about this tough little horse. I had to go see him.



Penny is a Miniture Horse. She is very patient as the kids brush and lead her.


Arnold the Vietnamese Potbelly Pig is a farm favorite. He is a picky pig, preferring treats over vegatables.

Arnold was donated to the farm when he was just a little guy. We are blessed to have this sweet guy at the farm.


Loki my "sheep dog" sheep. Loki almost died of pneumonia when he was a week old. A vet in Wasilla saved him

and gave him to me. He had spent a week in the vet clinic with dogs and at home with the vet and her dogs,

then to my home with my inside and front yard retired sled dogs. He doesn't like staying with the other sheep,

so he lives in the front yard with the front yard critters. I just bought him a lamb friend that is just getting used

to not being in the house. (Lucy the lamb) 


Lucy the lamb has been a fun addition to the farm this summer (2017) 


Salt and Pepper came to the farm as lambs in 2011. They have been great sheep that have been used for the children's

mutton busting event at the rodeos to annual Christmas nativity scenes. All the sheep contribute their wool for projects.