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Next class to be announced

(Grade 3-8)

Objective: Learn what it takes to run a farm.

 Meet the animals and learn what they eat, their

shelter and other related costs. Ride a horse and

learn about tack, farrier and vet costs.

Learn about land prices, insurance and permits

required to have a farm. Have fun at the farm and

help with ideas to keep it open.

Instructor: Ayla Rogers- Corporate Finance

Classes held:

*Will be offered again in the fall*

Cost $100 per four week course


Colonial Life Social Studies

Next class scheduled for Fall 2017

( Grades 1-6)

Students learn life in Colonial days through

hands on activities. Topics include historic forms

of transportation. Learn to harness and drive oxen,

harness a horse and learn what it takes to drive

a dog team. Card, dye and spin wool from our very own

sheep. Demonstrations on soap making, candle making

and black smithing. Learn to milk a goat, make cheese and

ice cream. Gather eggs from our chickens and ducks.

Feed the pigs, sheep and horses. Learn how our root

cellar works and why they were so important during

Colonial times.

( limit 8 students)

Instructor: Deborah Baines

Four week course:

Classes held Tuesdays:

* Will be offered again in the spring*

Cost: $100 per four week course

Fiber Art Class

Next class to be announced

( Grades 3-8)

Weekly classes includes a project to take home.
Learn to card and dye wool from our very own sheep.
Instuction in knitting, felting, weaving and spinning wool.
Have fun creating your own fiber art  project while
enjoying the farm atmosphere.


Classes held:

* To Be Announced*

Cost: $35 per class

*** Includes material fee***